What separates the 1% from the 99%

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Let’s get real. I’m going to ask you a series of questions:  Are you wealthy?  (to answer this question requires you know what you consider wealthy.)  If you answered NO, let me ask you this:  If you thought and acted like a wealthy person, do you think you could         become wealthy? […]

When it doesn’t make sense to make $1,000,000

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Did you read the subject line? If not.. It reads “When it doesn’t make sense to make $1,000,000.  WHAT!?!  When could making a million dollars EVER be a bad thing?  Do you know what I hear so often in the coaching, marketing, sales (you name it) service business industry?  “I want to be a 7-figure […]

“If I can’t go all in, then, I’ll do nothing at all.”

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I often find myself thinking, “If I can’t go all in, then, I’ll do nothing at all.” Do you ever think, “Well, I can’t do that so I guess I’ll just do nothing at all”?  Here’s a glimpse inside of my head sometimes:  Thought: I don’t have time to get an hour workout in  Action: I […]

Wealth is not built in your business

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On Wednesdays, I host a group coaching call for my students enrolled in my 12-week business transformation course. Yesterday we covered the important distinctions between:  Investing vs. SavingCost vs. expensesProfit vs. RevenueProfit vs. Gross profitGood Debt vs. Bad DebtROI vs. ROEPrice vs. ValueExpense vs. CostIncome vs. Wealth If I were to quiz you … would […]

Campus Sneakpeak: 10 Maxims of Million-Dollar Earners

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Sovereignty Academy™ is where smart business owners get access to the most innovative ways to grow and scale your business, build wealth, and create a legacy.  We, at Sovereignty Academy, help you do this in two main ways:  1. Sovereignty Academy: The “University” (Enroll as a student)  If you’re a business owner ready to dive deep and […]

Not All Debt Is Bad Debt

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Does the title shock you? I’m a money expert and always talking about the perils of being in debt. Stress and despair – something you need to get out of as soon as possible. And that’s still true… with this caveat… Not all debt is bad debt… Let me elaborate. One of the reasons that […]

Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (and how to avoid them)

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Mistake #1: You don’t make savings a priority. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know how I harp on Savings. And, that you need 5 Savings Buckets in order to have enough liquid cash for your personal life’s curve balls and adventures. I LOVE how Kim has the same advice for business owners. She […]