What separates the 1% from the 99%

Let’s get real. I’m going to ask you a series of questions: 

  1. Are you wealthy? 
  • (to answer this question requires you know what you consider wealthy.) 
  1. If you answered NO, let me ask you this: 
  • If you thought and acted like a wealthy person, do you think you could         become wealthy?

3. Do you know anyone who has the wealth you would like to have (personally or a personality)? If YES, who? ____________________

4. Do you want to be wealthy? 

5. If you answered YES to numbers 2, 3, and 4 then the curious question is: 

  • Are you learning how to think and act like the wealthy person you wrote down in number 3? 

If you don’t want to be wealthy, or already are — no need to continue on. This message isn’t for you ;). I’m only speaking to those who truly desire to have wealth and financial abundance and freedom, but have yet to figure out how to do it.

Okay, now that we’ve lost quite a few — i’m talking to you. Genuinely. 

And since you are still with me at this point, I’m assuming you wish to learn how I think and act when it comes to money? 

Yes. I have wealth and in most people’s eyes would be considered wealthy. I didn’t inherit my wealth, or marry it. I’ve manifested and built my net worth. Even after losing all of it, more than once (but that’s a story for another day). 

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Where I started, in a trailer home ^^^

Before I let you in on the 10 steps to become wealthy, the first thing to note is that if you feel like you are financially “stuck” or it seems that no matter how hard you work or how big you build your business, you never feel ahead — then it’s important to realize that continuing to do what you are doing is not going to magically start turning into that proverbial pot of gold. One of my favorite quotes is: 

“Continuing to do what you’ve always done will continue to get you what you’ve always got” 

One of my mentors, Mary Morrisey, says: 

“The same thinking that created the problem won’t solve the problem.” 

So, it intrigues me why maybe 70% of those that started reading this email will boldy admit that they want to be wealthy and rich (and they aren’t yet). Yet, maybe, MAYBE 1% will think to themselves, 


So, let me impart some new thinking for you in the form of my 10 WISE steps for becoming wealthy. 

The Wealthy Mantra is: “Spend less than you Make” <-  Brilliant, hunh? 

And, the steps… 

STEP 1: Acknowledge that being wealthy is something that you truly want

STEP 2: Acknowledge that you don’t have it yet

STEP 3: Ask yourself why you don’t

STEP 4: Be honest with yourself, and ask if you truly know how to get it on your own 

STEP 5: If the answer is no (which it is for many, because we’re simply not taught how to become wealthy/rich), then find someone who has the answer. Find  someone who has achieved the wealth result you’re looking for. And, even better if they have been in a similar situation to you and transformed out of it 

STEP 6: Ask yourself if you honestly believe that being rich is something that is achievable for you

Step 7: Now that you’ve acknowledged that you COULD be rich, it’s time to get real and ask yourself honestly, if you’ll actually do what it takes

— and that’s where we lose 69% (Remember I stated that probably 70% of those that opened this email would state they want to be wealthy). The hard truth is that most people won’t (do what it takes). 

For the 1% that want to be wealthy enough to do what it takes and believe it’s possible, here is what it takes: 

STEP 8: Find a mentor, coach, or teacher who can teach and guide you to being wealthy.

STEP 9: Invest. When we value something we invest our time and money. period. It’s how it works. Invest first. Get the return second. Again. The natural order of things. 

STEP 10: Do the work. 

In 10 steps you just changed your entire financial trajectory. One that will actually take you to riches. By doing nothing (different), you’ll stay on your current trajectory that I call Financially F*cked. 

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Comment below, “I’m in the 1%”  

If you want to take it one step further, shoot me an email. I’ve actually made it easy, just click here and all you have to do is click send. (And you’ve completed steps 1-8, Whoa.)

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