Marriage and Money – The Power Ball of Wealth Building


Last week we launched our final Wise Money Class of the year. Yes. The last one of the year. Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2022?!?   

Each of our students is going into 2023 knowing exactly what they need to do financially to be able to hit their financial targets and (finally) get on the wealth-building track. They will finish with a 20/20 vision of their desired destination. 

And, they’ll have the confidence and competence to ensure that they win at the money game – meaning they know they are on track to create the freedom and choice they want for their life. 

Yep, there is actually a method that anyone can follow to move over to the wealth-building track. 

It’s just that few know this is true (because it’s kept a secret) and therefore go their entire lives with some sort of financial struggle–when sadly– it isn’t necessary. So, congrats to our new round of Wise Money students for investing in themselves  

And, here’s another truth. 

The couples that joined, are going to X factor their results because couples that “money” together can grow financially, fast! It’s called synergy – in money terms, it’s called “compounding.” (Just in a different form.) 

I always say, a couple who is on the same team when it comes to building wealth is close to unstoppable. The sky is the limit. 

But here’s the thing… 

Out of all of my students, I’d say 80% of them are married.  

But, roughly 10% actually go through this work together

*Important note – A large percentage who decline to work with me (after talking to me about the program and getting excited about it because they know they need/want it) is because their spouse, in one way or another, said, “no.”   

I’d argue that this is the exact reason why they won’t build wealth, individually or collectively.  

In case you haven’t yet put two and two together, a secret weapon for financial success is to get on the exact same money page with your spouse. It’s what I call the relationship that your relationship has with money. 

I haven’t taught in a few years, but I occasionally teach a workshop named: Marriage and Money where 1+1=100. Over two days I share a framework I invented (I love creating frameworks!) called the 10Ps of a financial power couple. 

The couples work together to write a marriage manifesto for the business side of their marriage. And, they draft a blueprint for their joint financial empire that they agree together to create. 

You see.

Money is serious business in a relationship.

On one side it can make you rich. On the other – well, money is one of the top two causes of divorce – sitting side-by-side with infidelity. 

Not to mention, financial secrecy and infidelity is a common culprit to the separation. And, if you’ve been divorced, you’ve already discovered for yourself that divorce is not a good wealth-building strategy. 

Also, money is the business side of marriage. Marriage is equal parts romance (or should be!) and practicability. If treated like a true (business) partnership, that is oriented around being financially solvent and profitable, well, this partnership can quickly grow the best type of money – wealth! 

But to do so, just like a business partnership, both partners must co-invent and decide on the ultimate goal and destination of the marriage business, create financial goals, milestones, and plans, agree on the individual roles of money management and growth and …. communicate about money → regularly. 

Curious about what the 10Ps are?

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A big part of love can be the love of the money in the marriage. And, a commitment (Pact) to care about it in a way that you care about the health of the marriage itself. Because financial health is a key part of the overall health of the relationship. 

What does this look like in practical terms? 

It starts with a desire to become financially literate and powerful. As the commitment to the business of marriage (to grow wealth and financial abundance). Then, it’s just a matter of following the 10ps (Practice). 

Which, ultimately requires managing the money consciously, intentionally, and lovingly. And, it will require frequent “money dates” and at least a “business” retreat or two per year as a check-in and overview. And, as an opportunity to change and grow the plan since the marriage is also changing and growing as time goes on. 

If you and your spouse are interested in attending a workshop together, let me know by commenting below. If we can fill a room, I’ll hold a workshop in early January (2023) so that you can get your marriage business in business!

Plus, it’s pretty cool to be in a room with other power couples who are committed together to doing this kind of work. It’s personal, professional, and relational growth all wrapped up in one! 

To sum all of this up: 

You have probably heard that money is energy. It’s true. Money that has energy can create a lot of momentum. Nothing is more true when it comes to money coupling through couple-ing.

Couples who focus on the money as a team can create energy and momentum that is exponential compared to an individual going at it alone. This is where 1+1=100, probably in all categories of life where couples are aligned, but certainly with money

So, get on the same money page with your honey. 

Oh, and, let me know if I should hold a 2023 Marriage and Money workshop. Comment with 1+1=100 🙂 Or shoot me an email by clicking here.


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