What’s a BIG Red Flag in Prospective Clients?

I heard something when I was younger… 

A much older (and wiser) prominent speaker talked from the stage about Red Flags to pay attention to when it comes to marketing to new clients. Or, better said, prospective clients.  

There was a list of things, but one red flag that stood out to me was: 
Someone whose first question about your product or service is, “What’s the price?’”

At the time, hearing that as an attendee really annoyed me.  

I remember thinking it sounded manipulative… My exact thought was “Wow, you are trying to convince people that price doesn’t matter through a good sales pitch.”  

My follow up thought went something like, ”Easy for you to say… rich guy. Price doesn’t matter to you because you already have the money and I don’t. I mean, if I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it.” 

I passed up that opportunity to work with him. Then, I noticed that those that said yes went on to achieve great things, while I stayed stuck. 

A year or so later I came across some spiritual teachings that said, “We have to come from a different place to change our circumstances/results,” And, it went on to say, “What do you say no to based on your current circumstances?” 

I began to connect the dots to what the speaker was actually saying (not what I heard)… 

What the speaker was saying is that to change the course of your life, you have to first make a decision to change your life. Then, commit (with risk) to taking the necessary action to put the magic in motion. 

You also have to focus on the result and not the ante (more on that later). 

Everyday I hear “prospective clients” tell me “They can’t afford me.” 

Yep – red flag. 🚩

Because they’re using their current circumstances as an excuse for not making the change. Yet, they had just mentioned to me that they are “stuck” and money is not working in their life. 

And, even when I remind them that continuing to do what they’ve always done will continue to get them the same results, they still stick to the story. 

Which is: Using money as the excuse to say no. It lets them off the hook from deciding, committing, risking… and actually having to do the work that creates the change.  

Let me sum this long diatribe up… classic 😉 

If you say no to something you need because of price, you’re letting your current circumstances define you and the decisions you make.  

You’ll therefore be in the same place a year from now. Because, you HAVE TO  invest today to have change for tomorrow. 

The Ante comes before you can join the poker game. 

Price NEVER matters if you get more than what you paid for something. That’s called ROI. 

So, quit saying you can’t afford it.

And instead say, “What life changing RESULTS/ROI will I get from spending this money?” 

⟶ Actually, I went through this last year. 

I knew that I needed help in my business around branding and messaging. I sought out the best teacher in this category, Mike Koenigs. To work with Mike cost $75,000 for 3 days. 

I could’ve said, “Damn, that’s too expensive, I can’t afford it.” (Because even in my mind, that IS a lot of money for 3 days!). 

I asked myself instead, “What’s the cost of saying no?” 

Well, working with Mike will make me millions of dollars over the next couple of years.

Think! Had I believed that initial thought of “that’s expensive, I can’t afford it” I would have lost out on MILLIONS to try to save $75,000!  

So, you tell me. Is that expensive? Or, is it really inexpensive compared to the RESULTS I’ll get from deciding to work with him?

So, I told Mike I commit! I’ll put down the deposit. 

THEN, I figured out how to get the “investment” money. (I didn’t have nearly 6 figures just laying around. I keep most of my money working, not sitting).

So, I made a decision before I “had the money!”  

Would you have done the same? 

I ended up taking out an SBA loan that the business will easily pay back out of the significant increase in revenues.

This is called leverage. And in this case it meant, “Doing what it takes to get the results you want. Putting in the ante.” 

So – please respond. Tell me: What are saying no to because of your immediate reaction to the price versus focusing on the result? 


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