Realization(s) from my freak accident

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I’m going to leave out the gory details… but I will admit… this story is not for the weary. I had a freak accident on Tuesday morning at 7:00 am. Found myself in the ER. In surgery. And back home by 3:00 p.m.  Why? I lost my pinky toe. Yes. You read that right. I, […]

Transformation: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

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This is a word used in the personal development space quite often. The unwritten goal of going to a conference, buying a program and/or working with a Life Coach is to transform one’s self.  But my question is: “do you really wish to transform?” I mean, really? Sounds like hard work. And, if the answer […]

Campus Sneakpeak: 10 Maxims of Million-Dollar Earners

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Sovereignty Academy™ is where smart business owners get access to the most innovative ways to grow and scale your business, build wealth, and create a legacy.  We, at Sovereignty Academy, help you do this in two main ways:  1. Sovereignty Academy: The “University” (Enroll as a student)  If you’re a business owner ready to dive deep and […]