Trailer home to 10 million dollars… Would you do it if you could?

If you had a chance … would you like to ask a person who started in a trailer home and then went on to amass an 8-figure NET WORTH their secrets to financial independence and success? 

If you answered yes, here’s your chance.

“Krisstina, how did you start in a trailer home and go on to build your 8-figure net worth? I’m assuming you didn’t inherit it based on where you started. You’re a woman, did you marry it?” 

No, I didn’t inherit it or marry it. This small-town girl built it.

First of all, I must tell you that I’ve made a ton of (very stupid and costly) mistakes. But, I also did a few things right. And, it was these few things (my secret sauce) that despite my mistakes still enabled me to build financial sovereignty and freedom. 

Want to know what they are? 

If you answered yes, then my follow-up question is why do you want to know? Before you read any further, I’d like you to think about the answer to that question. It’s most likely for one of two reasons: 

  1. You are just curious for curiosity sake
  2. You want to build financial independence and freedom for yourself and actually want to know how I did it

If you answered number two, then I have another question for you.  Would you do what I did? 

Only read on if your final answer is yes. 

Otherwise, you’ll continue reading for entertainment purposes only… which, you’ll be far more entertained by going to a football game or watching the newly released final episodes of Ozark (Which by the way, I can’t wait to watch).

However, this is only a 6-minute read. So it may be worth your time either way 😉 

If I were asked to distill my financial success (represented on my balance sheet, not my P&L) down to the 3 words, these are what they would be: 

1. Mood
2. Knowledge
3. Team

Okay. Pause for a moment. 

What do you think my explanation of these 3 words would be? You can probably answer these for me as it’s not hedge fund rocket money science. Nor do the top 3 have anything to do with where I’ve invested. 


Because the “where” had the least to do with my success. Although, that’s the number one question I get asked!

Wrong questions. Wrong answers.

Alright alright. I don’t want you to work that hard, so I’ll give you my explanations.

1. Mood. 
When it comes to money, I’ve been serious. I realized early on that there is a difference between the high-income game and the high net worth game. And, I discovered that I was interested in the latter. So, I became rigorous in my pursuit to understand and subsequently build wealth. As a result, I resolved to do what it takes to create the wealth I wanted for myself and my family. This meant doing things differently than most of my peers (at the time) were doing. Which leads me to number two. 

2. Knowledge.
Maybe one of the good things that came out of my trailer park upbringing and inferior small town public education was the realization that I knew nothing. So, I’ve always been a seeker of learning. And, when it came to money, I definitely knew jack sh#%. If I wanted to reverse my familial financial narratives and patterns, I had a lot to learn. 

So, with my serious mood to create money and wealth I studied money with rigor and determination. I spent (invested) over a decade learning. And, that’s just the time. I’ve spent (invested) well over $250k in that decade on my pursuit of money knowledge. 

Did I have the time and money sitting on the sidelines ready for these investments? No. Of course not. But, because I was serious, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. 

I found a way to buy/pay for the best teachers, coaches, and mentors. I believed there wasn’t a better place that I could spend money (that I didn’t yet have) to create money (that I would have) by learning from and following those who had done it before me.

What did I learn? I learned that the (high) income game is radically different than the (high) net worth game. And, I learned that because money isn’t talked about or taught in schools, that there is a significant amount of Don’t know/Don’t know when it comes to money and wealth. And, it is the “know” that determines who creates/has the wealth and who doesn’t. Regardless of income level. 

You see, what most people don’t consider when they notice my financial success today is what it cost me to build it (before I had it). 

Yes. You read that right. A decade and a quarter mil. 

Would you make the same investment for the same results? 

Let’s do some simple math. What financial ROI did I get? 10M/250k = 40%. 

Tell me where you’ve gotten a better return? Most of my best-producing assets haven’t come anywhere close. And, that’s just the financial return. The best return is my time. Unbeknownst to most, financial freedom isn’t about the money. It’s about the time freedom and peace of (money) mind. 

Here’s the trick. You have to “know” how. And, it’s not obvious. It’s learned. You can’t think of your education as money spent. You have to think of it in terms of money invested (for a return). 

You have to invest in your education first. Long before you start asking ‘where’ to invest. Because, if you understood money, you would know that the “where” becomes the obvious. 

The thing I did right is that I never said to myself (or others) that “I can’t afford it.” I said, “I can’t afford not to” … assuming I was truly serious about creating wealth. 

To sum that up, why am I rich when most are not? 

Because I started investing real money and time in my knowledge and understanding of money long before I had any. 

And, here comes the shameless plug. If you take my money class, you will invest a tiny fraction of the money and time that I did to learn how to get my results. That’s up to you and your “mood.”

3. Team 
Like I mentioned above, I’ve never considered myself all that smart beyond knowing that I didn’t know much. For that reason, I knew I needed really smart (and successful) people around me. So beyond paying for the best teachers, coaches and mentors to assist me in number two, I also paid for the best help from brilliant money minds. And, the best isn’t inexpensive. 

I hired the best bookkeepers, CPAs, wealth strategists and estate planners that I could find. As expensive as their dollar per hours were, they were far less expensive than the mistakes I would have made on my own without them. So, it turns out, they were not that expensive after all. The most expensive thing I paid for (dearly) was my ignorance and arrogance (thinking I knew more than I did). 

But here’s the deal. You can’t just hire anyone. Average people get average results. Just because someone has CPA behind their name, doesn’t mean they understand wealth. It might just mean they are good at filing your taxes. And guess what? Turbo Tax does a good job at doing that. 

I’ve found there are very few who I would trust to help me with my money (and my business). 

My financial team consists of: 

*My Bookkeepers
*My Banker
*My Financial Advisor
*My Investment Partners
*My Estate Planner 
*My Wealth & Biz Coaches and Strategists

And, the most important out of the list are the first two. I work and talk with them on the reg. The others are on a situational basis. 

So let me ask you. Who is on your wealth team? 

I could go on, but this Blog is getting pretty long. I’ll complete by asking you two final questions: 

  1. Do you want to create financial sovereignty and freedom for yourself? 
  2. If so, what will you do next to be on the path to making that happen? BTW, it’s not going to happen by accident. 

If money still causes you stress and anxiety and/or if you feel like you are still on the financial hamster wheel… there is only one way to get off. It’s the 3 steps above. And guess what? I can help you with all three. It’s up to you. 

Two things in closing… 

I am planning on hosting an intimate hands on wealth workshop this summer (2022). If you are serious and wish to join to get you started on (and or expedite) your wealth journey, then let me know. I’ll teach you everything you need to know. But, you have to be ready to invest. 

Comment with: “I’m ready” to get on the list.

Or, just click this link and press send. To save you some time, I’ve crafted an email for you.

That’s all for now.

Make your way to my inbox if you’re planning to make your way to my 2022 summer wealth workshop,


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