May 2020 Versus May 2021

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Don’t underestimate what’s possible.   My daughter, Macy, asked me a question today. She inquired, “Mom, what’s inspired you lately?”  I reflected for a moment and recalled a conversation that I had with a coach of mine, Mark Grainer, over lunch a few days ago. Mark had asked me a similar question but more along […]

What do you like to talk about? I know what I do…

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I have a lot of conversations about money. Probably because it’s my favorite subject to talk about… why?  Because whether you like food, yoyos, health, skiing, traveling, coffee — there’s one thing all of these things have in common.  MONEY.  Money. Money. Money.  Whether you want more of anything above, better quality, or more time […]

I know why most people have a problem with money

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A lack of money is never the problem. It feels like the obvious problem. But not having enough money is the symptom of the problem.  The problem is what’s underneath. Your Money Psychology (feelings about money). Your Money Philosophy (beliefs about money). Your Money Knowledge (understanding its laws). And, your Money Actions (habits and practices). […]

What separates the 1% from the 99%

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Let’s get real. I’m going to ask you a series of questions:  Are you wealthy?  (to answer this question requires you know what you consider wealthy.)  If you answered NO, let me ask you this:  If you thought and acted like a wealthy person, do you think you could         become wealthy? […]

“If I can’t go all in, then, I’ll do nothing at all.”

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I often find myself thinking, “If I can’t go all in, then, I’ll do nothing at all.” Do you ever think, “Well, I can’t do that so I guess I’ll just do nothing at all”?  Here’s a glimpse inside of my head sometimes:  Thought: I don’t have time to get an hour workout in  Action: I […]

I Thought $1,000,000 Would Make Me Happy

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Millionaires think and act differently from those who are financially strapped. They possess distinct mindsets that guide their choices. And in turn, these mindsets produce income and net worth far above the average. But even if you know how to make (and keep) millions, it doesn’t mean that you know how to be happy. Believe […]

Monday Morning Commute: Bottom Line Know Your Numbers

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Do you have a tax planner on your side? How about a bookkeeper?  Are you subconsciously abdicating all the decisions when it comes to your numbers? Do you only focus on making money in your business (revenue) but give all of the rest of the financial power away to a 3rd party? Do you think […]

Campus Sneakpeak: 10 Maxims of Million-Dollar Earners

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Sovereignty Academy™ is where smart business owners get access to the most innovative ways to grow and scale your business, build wealth, and create a legacy.  We, at Sovereignty Academy, help you do this in two main ways:  1. Sovereignty Academy: The “University” (Enroll as a student)  If you’re a business owner ready to dive deep and […]

Not All Debt Is Bad Debt

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Does the title shock you? I’m a money expert and always talking about the perils of being in debt. Stress and despair – something you need to get out of as soon as possible. And that’s still true… with this caveat… Not all debt is bad debt… Let me elaborate. One of the reasons that […]

Lies About Money That Are Robbing Your Life

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It’s your money or your life. Because you can’t have both right? These are the money lies you’ve been told that are robbing you of your life. And maybe you feel it… the social pressure to work harder for success – at any cost. Do you feel overwhelmed? Or just plain exhausted? The pressure is […]