What wealthy people DON’T DO (& what they do)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. We’ve been in heavy “strategy” mode over here at Wealthy Wellthy & Sovereignty Academy. 

And we’ve been reorienting and clarifying our strategy centered around our “dream client” if you will. 

I.e. Who wouldn’t just benefit from our program (I think literally everyone would) but whose life would truly transform? What type of person? Who are they? What do they do? Where do they hang out? Would I want to hang out with them (the answer should be yes btw)? *cue lots more questions*

I’ve been teaching the skill of money (via my flagship program CURBS™) for over 3 years now. 

Which 1. 
⟶ Has been f*cking amazing and 2. 
⟶ Has given me the advantage to be able to answer all the questions above fairly easily. 

Mainly, I don’t have to speculate. 

I’ve simply gone back and looked at my MVP clients. The ones whom I loved working with but also radically transformed their lives & wealth trajectories by nature of us working together. The ones that are on their way to millions. Literally… 

I wrote their names down. 

First, because these are the only types of clients I’ll be working with from now on. 

But also, my mind went on a little bit of a rabbit trail conjuring up what truly separates these people from the pack? The ones that will actually become millionaires by the nature of this work? 

I’ll tell you.

Because it’s not just them. It’s wealthy people. These MVP clients of mine are on the road to build the wealth of the wealthy. The wealthy now started somewhere and have all landed in the same place, freedom. My clients are at that same starting point, running the same course, just with a guaranteed b-line to the same place. Which makes my clients already wealthy. 

Did that make sense? Hope so. 

But what I’m trying to say is the characteristics that these students have are the same ones that all truly wealthy people have. That completely separates them from the rest. 

What are the characteristics wealthy people have? I’ll just name a few: 

  1. They’re here to play first and win later. What I mean by that is that wealthy/successful people find just as much joy (if not more) in the process. They’re not caught up in the outcome they’ve pre-determined they want. They enjoy what unfolds through a process. 
    1. These AREN’T the people that are asking, “when will I become a millionaire?”
  2. They trust the process. When wealthy people invest (particularly with a mentor or coach) they lean in. They trust. And they remove skepticism. Bringing only positive, abundant, exciting, targeted, and trusting energy to the table. 
  3. They always show up. Wealthy people are able to prioritize what’s important. And that’s what’s going to bring them wealth (& fulfillment). I’d beg to say that the majority of people don’t build wealth simply because they’re not able to prioritize effectively. Wealthy business owners know when to work “in” their business, “on” their business, and on their wealth. 
  4. They take responsibility for their results. Wealthy people take advantage of opportunity and mentorship but don’t hand over the responsibility of their success to them. I.e. they don’t show up to the gym with their personal trainer and expect the trainer to do the push-ups for them. Or eat healthy for them when they go home. They have a very high internal locus of control. 
  5. They aren’t worried about the money when they invest. Wealthy people know a good investment when they see it (whether that’s an asset or a person/coach). They invest more money than anyone else. They invest when they don’t even have the money to invest. Why? Because they understand the difference between investing and spending. They don’t use money as an excuse not to buy. They see the opportunity for a result, they invest to get it, and work to achieve it. Wealthy people see the return on investment and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. 
  6. They NEVER think they know everything about anything. This also means that wealthy people continue to invest. Especially when they start to think they’ve figured it out. They invest to learn more. For example, I think one of my biggest strengths in business is sales. I just spent $5,000 on a new sales program. If I learn one new sales technique, it will be worth it. They never think they are better than anyone or anything. They are simply the most humble people I know. They are never the smartest person in the room. Why? Because they’d never act as if they are but also are smart enough to never be in a room in which they are the smartest.
  7. They are exceptional learners, followers and implementers. Wealthy people are generally leaders. They are amazing at demanding a room, teaching, guiding and creating. But truly successful people are even better at learning, following and implementing. No matter their wealth, success, fame or fortune — their true strength is their ability to know when to lead (and lead well) but to also know when to follow (and follow well).

What wealthy people don’t do? 

They don’t…

  1. Focus solely on the result with no pleasure or excitement about the process. 
  2. Approach every investment and opportunity with skepticism and negativity. 
  3. Buy and not participate. I.e. don’t really do the work but are still disappointed when they don’t achieve the results they want. 
  4. Outsource all responsibility to others or something outside of themselves. 
  5. Use lack of money as an objection to grow (personally and in wealth). 
  6. Believe that they know everything there is to know. Craving to be the smartest person in a room or always thinking they are.
  7. Get a taste of leadership and success to then abandon the craving and intention to continue to learn… fully.  Denying opportunity to learn & grow more than accepting opportunities to do so.

*** quick caveat, I’m talking about truly wealthy people. I went into a little more depth on this on a recent IG post ***

I know I’ve met my dream client when I tell them the price and they say,
“that’s it?”

“When can I get started?” 
“How can I get the most out of working with you?” 
“I’m thrilled to turn these thousands into millions.” 

Which one are you? 


One is a marathon runner the moment they start running the race. Not just when they finish & receive their medal. Why? Because they know the course, they have the mindset, they’ve studied & they’ve trained. So, the only result is to finish.

My clients are running the race. The same one the medalists ran. Which means… they are wealthy.

Do you do what wealthy people do? Or do you do what wealthy people don’t do?

PS: Remember, you’re only one conversation away from completely shifting your financial trajectory.

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3 Responses

  1. This is one of the BEST letters I have read in a long time. As a devout Christian, I live with a four legged stool. The legs are as follows – God, Family , Friends, and Family. I am NOT preaching but you have had a time in your life when you had to have a “Time out”. My time is now – on Jun13, I tripped and smashed my left hip. After surgery, the Doctor told me that I face three to six months of healing, the several more weeks before I am able to resume “normal” activities.

    As you know, I do admire your focus and I detect that SERVICE is part of your DNA. I told my team the following – Service to others is the rent you pay for the place you occupy on Earth” I really am a millionaire as since being injured, my friends have done a myriad of thing to support me, hence leg two on my our legged stool.

  2. I admire your zeal and we do share one trait – we want to leave a legacy. Mine is Habitat for Humanity where by, to date, we have 34 families owning their homes and we plan 10 more this year.

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