Coffee w/ Krisstina, Episode 3, March 2021

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Hello March! … and this month’s issue of Coffee w/Krissstina.   As my method for manifesting my goals, at the beginning of each month, it’s my personal practice to:  set my intentions for the new 30 days, and  reflect on the previous month to see how I did relative to my intentions going in CwK is […]

Coffee w/ Krisstina: Episode 2, February 2021

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Wow, I can’t believe we are already in February!   Being the first week of the Month means it’s reflection time. My personal practice is to look back on the previous 30 days and see how I did relative to my intentions going in. And, I share my experience with you as a way to stay […]

Coffee with Krisstina: Episode 1, January 2021


We made it! 2020 is officially behind us. Somehow, we all survived and here we sit. Many of us have the question, “what’s next?”  As I shared in my last BLOG, I believe it’s important to reflect on the past. Release and let go of what no longer will serve us moving forward. Capture the […]

November 2020 in Review

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Hi there! And, hello December? How did you get here so fast when it feels like 2020 has been in slow motion?  Have you felt the same way? That time has stood still while at the same time it rushed by in a blur? Have you felt like you’ve been in the Twilight Zone or […]