November 2020 in Review

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Hi there!

And, hello December? How did you get here so fast when it feels like 2020 has been in slow motion? 

Have you felt the same way? That time has stood still while at the same time it rushed by in a blur? Have you felt like you’ve been in the Twilight Zone or the Matrix — here but not really here? Odd times. 

This Coffee w/ Krisstina newsletter is a reflection on November. To share with you the highs and lows of the Life of Krisstina, Wealthy Wellthy & Sovereignty Academy. (And, if you’ve read this far — I invite you to comment below and share your November journey with me. I read every communication that comes back to me. I love your notes.)

CWK Big Takeaway

“Appreciate the small things…”  

If you’ve been keeping up with me and my unpredictable life these days you know where I’m going with this …

For those of you that don’t know — Long story short — I lost a toe last month. 

I have a very heavy gate that rolls open and shuts outside my property. Early one morning, not fully awake, I went out to open the gate and unfortunately had my barefoot on the track and rolled the gate right over my left pinky toe. One second I had all ten toes and the next I was missing one. (If you want the full story, I wrote about it here.)

I have to say, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions. A combination of both physical and emotional pain. I’m not a big crier but over the past few weeks I’ve broken down several times. Occasionally with a friend, but mostly by myself when the sadness of the loss hit me out of nowhere. What an odd feeling to cry by oneself. To be alone weeping. It’s almost another type of sadness. To cry out of sadness and then feel another sadness that you’re crying alone in your sadness. Does that make sense? Have you been here? 

On the flip side, as cliché as it sounds, this event has been a reminder to appreciate the small things in life. How much time do we spend thinking about the things we don’t have versus being grateful for the million little things that are right before us? 

In my case, I didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. Along with an awareness of many other things I’ve taken for granted.  

1. My body parts: 

I’ve never really thought about it before, but how magical is our body with all of its parts? Wiggle all ten of your fingers and ten of your toes. How awesome are those fingers and toes? I’m sad that it has taken losing a piece of my body to realize how lucky I’ve been to have all of my parts. Each part of my body, big or small, has a reason and a function that enables me to live a full and active life. Yes. I’ll get along fine with my missing pinky toe. But, I’ll certainly miss her — especially in Dancer’s Pose. 🙂  

2. My pain-free body:

Due to the nature of my wound (the traumatic injury itself followed by the surgical procedure to amputate) I’ve been in constant pain and discomfort. Until now, I’ve taken a pain-free body for granted. What I’ve discovered is this: Not only is there the pain itself — which is sucky. But, the feeling of the pain draws your attention to the pain — which is a different kind of suck →  it sucks the energy and focus right out of you. Requiring far more effort to accomplish the normal things you wish to do or create on any given day. And, it goes with saying, “OUCH!” Pain hurts! And, a constant ‘hurt’ affects quality of life, plain and simple. I have a newfound definition and desire to live inside a pain-free body and as a result am going to amp up my self care rituals as part of this intention.  

3. My Mobility.
It’s been 3 weeks of staying off my foot and propping it in the air. Honestly, I don’t know what’s been worse — the loss and pain. Or, the inability to be active and move around. In part, I personally don’t like how I feel inside a sedentary body. But worse is the inability to move! My feeling free and independent is directly connected to my agility and mobility. What a gift to be able to jump out of bed first thing in the morning and then run around from here to there, unencumbered with ease. Realizing it’s my “active” body that grants me the ability to “act.” 

I could go on. Needless to say, I got a loud wake-up call that’s served as a reminder to be grateful for the small things. Those important small things that are part of the important big things that are easily taken for granted:

Health. What are the little things you are taking for granted when it comes to your health and wellness? What would your life be like if today you found out you were really sick? If you don’t like that thought, what can you do right now as an act of gratitude and a way to say thanks to your body? 

Relationship. What are the little things you are taking for granted when it comes to your partner? What would it be like to be without your significant other? If you don’t like that thought, what can you do right now as an act of gratitude and a way to say thanks to the person that brings a lot of joy to your life? 

Freedom. What are the little things you are taking for granted when it comes to your ability to choose? What would it be like to be behind bars (literal or metaphorical) being forced and controlled? If you don’t like that thought, what can you do right now as a way to appreciate your freedom.

I’ll close this by sharing one final realization. This one on the spiritual side. I met with one of my spiritual mentors and teachers, Ani Manian. He (and his lovely significant other, Lee Noto) came over to share some love, perspective, and wisdom. Out of the conversation came this awareness:

That as much as I love my body. And, I am grateful for my body. I am not my body, Think about it. I am actually missing a piece of my body. It’s gone. Yet, I am still 100% Krisstina. And, I can honestly say, I’m “more” Krisstina as opposed to “less.” Yet another opportunity to dig deeper and discover more.

CWK Fave Read
Lousie Penny

My message from the story above was to slow the *%$k down and smell the roses. So, I took that universal message to heart and devoured a couple of novels. You’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m an avid reader of books and listener of podcasts when it comes to Money & Business. What you may not know is that I escape by listening (new form of reading) to a good “who dun it” while mindlessly taking on Candy Crush! (Yes. I play Candy Crush.) This month’s audible listen was the new release “All the Devils are Here” by one of my favorite Murder Mystery authors, Louise Penny. 

If you’re a mystery series junkie like me, you’ll love Louise Penny. You’ll want to start with book 1, however.  Who’s your favorite fiction author?

CWK Fave Listen
Queens Gambit

In addition to chillaxing to a good novel, I also binge watched (it’s a form of listening!) The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Just like a good book, I couldn’t put it down. When I heard it was about a chess player my first thought was …. Boring. It was anything but boring — it was captivating. I absolutely loved it. 

If you watched it, what did you think?

CWK Whats New

And what else?

Although most of November I’d like to erase from the books, here’s a good thing to report:

I taught Real Estate investing in The Campus. It’s the first time ever that I’ve shared my private wealth numbers and strategy with others. The title of the event was “How I built my Empire through Real Estate Investing.” I had a blast teaching my Wise Strategy for wealth creation. To have access to Talks like these and much more — I highly encourage you to become a member of Sovereignty Academy Campus. Let me help you build real wealth and freedom. It’s why I’m here!

CWK Latest Podcasts

My November Podcast Releases

#192 – Second Chance On Life W/ Matthew Korban

#193 – Persuasion Street Fight W/ Paul Ross

PS. I release an episode every other Monday. Make sure to tune in and subscribe to the WealthyWellthy Podcast!

CWK Unchallenging Challenge

Rest and Recover. I know this about me. Resting is difficult. I know its importance, yet I find myself always on the go. I really do think my accident was a result of too much too fast and therefore ‘rest and recover’ was forced versus chosen. I recommend the ‘choose’ option. Let’s all challenge ourselves to Relax!

CWK Happening Soon

Happening in December

  1. On The Campus — 
    1. I’ll be teaching Money Manifesting for 2021 — How to Set Goals and Manifest Futures. 
    2. Friend and Campus Faculty Member, Mark Willis will be teaching on, “Become your own source of financing.”​ If you have questions on Retirement and retirement planning — you won’t want to miss it. 

Click here to view the calendar, become a member, and rsvp for more money in 2021. (Must be a member to RSVP)

  1. I’m heading to Park City, Utah to prep my newest investment property. I’ve always dreamed of having a second home/investment property in the mountains. And now, that vision board cutout is a reality! It’s also my first real estate investment property outside of Austin, TX. If you’re curious why I chose Park City and how I secured and structured this unique deal — check out my Investment Talk I reference above. I’ve had a lot of real estate investment fun over the last 60 days that has/is growing my Net Worth number. ← my favorite number to see climbing! 

Cheers to almost being D.O.N.E with 2020!

Big Love,

PS: Happy Holidays! It’s inevitable that we’ll all do a little bit more shopping this month than normal. I wrote a short blog article on #HolidayShoppingTips!

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