Where I drop the ball in business

Each week I have a call with my Team. These serve as a weekly planning session. As well as an accountability report. 

The conversation was about to make its way to me for my report.   

Yup. I had to report that I was the bottleneck once again…

You know that feeling? Your tail between your legs when you have to report that you dropped the ball. And as a result, screwed up everything for another Team member who was also accountable for a shared project.  

That’s how I was feeling all because of…

F*cking Instagram. 

Ya see. I’m supposed to do IG Lives every Friday. It’s my ONE THING (for social media) I’m responsible for. Yet, I feel serious resistance each and every Friday morning when I’m supposed to do my part to check the “complete” box for that week’s Instagram post. 

In fact, the only way we’ve found I’ll do it is if my amazing assistant, Katherine, literally comes over to my house and makes me. No joke! 

After I procrastinate until the very last minute, I finally push through and get it done. Unless I can find a good excuse not to. Last week Katherine was out of town so that sounded like an as good reason as any to not fulfill my end of the bargain. (Isn’t it funny how we can find any “reasoning” to support our plight?)

On our team call, as Macy was trying to find solutions to fix Krisstina’s “resistance” problem, I realized why I have so much resistance. 

I am a highly accountable person. Keeping my word and fulfilling my promises are extremely important to me. I am naturally disciplined. I wondered why I recurrently failed to check this one box. 

Social media (for what it mostly is) single-handedly goes against who I am and what I stand for. And before you roll your eyes thinking I’m being dramatic, give me a chance to explain myself. 

See, I feel social media has become a toxic place. 

Too many opinions and hate for any difference of thought or opinion (my way or the highway). And big tech has become an unwanted big-brother, thinking it knows better for me than I know better for me. 

It’s arrogance in the form of censorship. 

Politics aside — this goes against the fabric of who I am. You know — that word Sovereignty that I keep referring to?

Protecting my environment from negativity and having my boundaries to what’s acceptable and not acceptable (consent) are key to my overall health and happiness. Social Media violates both. 

Not to mention… I truly… really… actually don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I’ve been told, to a fault, even. Not to mention, I have a hard time believing anyone else cares about my life or what I do on any given day. 

The number of times my daughter has told me, Mom… maybe fix your hair? Or Mom, maybe dress for the occasion? Or Mom,  maybe post some pictures of the life you live …. 

It simply does not cross my mind to post my life on Facebook. Like I said, I can’t imagine any one (really) cares. Not to mention, I’m too busy living my life (privately) so it just doesn’t occur to me to stop what I’m doing to post a picture (publicly). 

Perhaps, if I cared about what others think and/or was looking for some external validation I guess I could do my hair and make up every day & take a selfie to show social media my life play-by-play.  

But quite frankly I don’t. I do not wish to modify my life in any way, shape, or form for the sake of what others might think. Period. 

(Perhaps this is why I’m really happy?) 

If I had followed suit and posted some of my life moments over the past 30 days, you would have seen pics of:  

  • a super fun July 4th pool party at my home with over 40 friends, DJ and all! 
  • A bucket list box checked from my 10-day yacht sailing trip through the Virgin Islands.
  • Stops along my road trip from Austin to Park City (like the cute town of Moab)
  • Enjoying my second home up here in the mountains of Park City, UT (that I bought this time last year). Each morning starts with a hike in the mountain air before I jump into my work day. 

But I didn’t post one pic (actually I think my team was able to force me into posting about the party 😉 But, again. Never crossed my mind. 

Yet, the marketing gurus tell me I should chronicle my life on the social medias. To “gain rapport” with my audience, they tell me. To show my audience what’s possible I guess? (<Even the word “audience” annoys me. The word audience implies “performance” and “applause.” In other words, not real! 

My conclusion on the call was that I need to find that razor’s edge. Where I can stay true to Self and my values while serving the business (my team who are vested in its success) at the same time. This is the business “challenge” for the Team. 

If I can be convinced that my personal (and professional) life can serve as an inspiration for what’s possible, then I’d be willing to share. 

Because it’s true. 

The life that I’m able to live (that my assets pay for) is extraordinary. I’ve created everything I’ve ever wanted. (Still crazy to hear myself say that btw.  I’m the girl who started out in a trailer home.)

In order to  “show the world what’s possible”, I created Sovereignty Academy. And I legitimately TEACH anyone who desires to build a life by design, one of actual wealth, ease, flow, and abundance through this business. No Instagram necessary! 


Here’s the deal, if sharing my life publicly can serve you and be helpful, LET ME KNOW. I’m seeking YOUR advice.

Reply or Comment on Instagram (hee hee!) . 

See you tomorrow for my Friday morning IG live 😂

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