Exclusive Client Coaching Call w/Krisstina: My Definition of an Asset

Hello there!

​​This week, my special guest is one of my students! I thrive off of sharing these conversations with you…

Reminder: This is a private 1-on-1 coaching session with an alumni. When you are a student of my Wise Money School you receive 2 coaching sessions with me. 

In this recorded conversation, My student and I go over the various ways of creating and keeping wealth. I call it the “storage tank”… and it goes as follows: 

Storage Tank:

  1. Whole Life Insurance.
  2. Put your money in the market (index fund, stock market, etc.).
  3. Crypto (only if you can handle it! It’s a long term play— super volatile).
  4. Real estate properties (it pays you every single month IF you buy well).

The whole game of money is called Cash Flow! Money knowledge is not common sense and it’s not taught in school. This is where my money school comes into play… Our Wise Money CURBS Program gives you a strong cash flow management system that allows you to confidently become financially free on your terms. You are taught how to make conscious, deliberate choices with your money when spending, savings and investing.

Krisstina’s Advice:

  • Play Cash Flow by Robert Kiyosaki.
  • How you build wealth is all through cash flow —> always keep your money moving! Keep its momentum. 
  • Get over your fear of losing money.
  • The long game is the wealth game.
  • The more wealthy you get, the more protection you need!
  • Have a 3-6 month emergency fund.

“My definition of an asset is something that creates cash flow at some point in time.” – Krisstina Wise 

Client Questions:

  1. “What is a good number to aim for?”
  2. “I have a Roth IRA, am I better off with taking that small amount and putting it towards Whole Life Insurance or investing in a business?”

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