Exclusive Client Coaching Call w/Krisstina #212: Becoming The Leader We Are Called to Be

Hello there!

I’m happy to bring you Part II of my new launch of Exclusive Client Calls.

By day I run a transformational Money School: Sovereignty Academy. All students of our flagship course, CURBS™ receive two private one-on-one coaching calls with me. I record these calls for the students to keep afterward. 

These calls have been SO valuable for our students that we’ve decided to start releasing some of these private coaching calls to you —  to listen in on!

You don’t have to worry about eavesdropping here– this once private conversation is now open for your ears, too!

In this episode, I speak with a client of mine who is part of my Money Course over at Sovereignty Academy. She asked me: “How do you calculate your Freedom number?” and “How can I best organize my money to make sure I achieve it?”

Client Questions:

1. How do you calculate PLM?

2. What is your take on where we are and where we are going as a collective?

3. How can I best organize my money?

Client Confessions:

The client expressed to me that she “knows her numbers, but they are not organized in a way that’s good.” 

Since I’m sure she is not alone on this — I’m sharing my coaching with her with you ;). 

Part of that coaching (beyond just money) I talk about “the razor’s edge”…

It means that on one hand, there’s serious time for us to work. To be exclusively strategic and razor focused on work and business at the cost of (most) everything else. But other than these “sprints” that I call them, the day-to-day can’t be this way without producing breakdowns in other areas of life (self-care, relationships, health…). This means that we need to find the “edge” of spending too much time on the business that becomes counterproductive. In most cases, 8 hours a day is WAY too much time to be “at work.” Yet, this is a belief that’s been ingrained in us. And, we almost feel guilty if we don’t work this way.

Similar to my client, you may be pulled between working hard to produce success and taking necessary time on self and relational care. You find yourself working 10 hours a day trying to get “there” before you’ll allow yourself to take some “me” time. 

Listen in to my coaching and how we establish a whole new routine for her .. which she later reported (working less not more) was a secret ingredient to the success of her business of where it stands today. 

You’ll hear me say — “Anybody that’s sprinting right now is going to run out of gas because we are in a marathon.” Now, having run several marathons in my life, I know that in order to cross the finish line, you have to pace yourself. When you know there is 26.2 miles to run, what is the rush? Same for business! 

So, Slow Down and Listen in 😉 

Let Me Ask You This:

  1. Are you used to being sold the bull****? 
  2. Are you feeling called to lead?


“The world needs your leadership.” — Krisstina W.

“…we’re in this time where spirit and source, connectivity and the messaging and all of that is so important, especially when people are afraid, the world is going to need your leadership. And your leadership is completely combined with: ‘I’m here, I’m practical, I’m equipped, I’ve got my business set together, I know my numbers so I know what it’s going to take to help you…”. — Krisstina W.

“Part of the reset is people are getting more connected to what’s important. Who we are about, the love, the connection– and it’s not about the popularity contest anymore. This is around REAL relationships…” — Krisstina W. 

To LISTEN and see the show notes to this Wealthy Wellthy Podcast Episode — CLICK HERE!

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