Monday Morning Commute: #205 Putting YOU on Your To-Do List w/Michelle Mercier

Michelle Mercier is a Business Strategy Coach and is also the host of The Resilient Entrepreneur Podcast which debuted on iTunes at #15 in the Entrepreneur category and cracked the top 100 in other countries across the globe.

She has 20+ years of corporate and professional experience.  Michelle has worked with a wide range of different businesses – from nationally acclaimed non-profits to major corporations like PayPal.

Today, she primarily works with entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses & executives to help them grow and maintain long term success. She loves leveraging her years of experience and expertise to help bring individuals and companies to the next level.

As successful and wonderful as she is, believe it or not,  she didn’t know what she originally wanted to do with her business in the beginning (phew, makes it all seem more attainable, right?) However, as she likes to put it, she’s “done a lot of stuff”. Cheers to that.

As she began digging deeper into what she felt her ‘calling’ was, she began to realize that it’s about creating a life that you WANT to be living, and not what you’re supposed to be living. 

“I kept hearing from people that they felt that they had checked all of the boxes and they still weren’t effing happy— still weren’t fulfilled.” 

Michelle Mercier

“If you’re dissatisfied, something’s got to change or adjust, and sometimes you just can’t do that by yourself— you can’t see your own blind spots.”

Michelle Mercier

Michelle admits that when your mind isn’t in a healthy state, it could be a scary place to live, which is why many of us are stuck in the hamster wheel of remaining busy enough to where we don’t have to hear our thoughts. 

Since becoming more self-aware, Michelle truly understands the importance of resetting your mind and your life for the long-term. How are you regulating your life? Short-term? Long-term? 

“Re-designing our life could be a really beautiful tactic.” Michelle reminds us to treat self-care as a business strategy! 

Psst… speaking of business, here’s a fun Pro Tip for you: Begin closing your office door at night! I know I sure will be adding this into my nighttime routine! It sounds so minuscule, I know, but it’s those tiny adjustments that make all the difference. 

One of my asks: How do you work in your own business while also having a marriage? 

Michelle graciously shares her Sunday routine that she and her husband do each weekend. Attention all spreadsheet lovers! You’re going to love this.

Topics Mentioned in Episode: 

  • Resiliency – in business and/or life
  • Putting Your CEO hat on – stepping into your power as a business owner
  • Leadership – both leading through crisis and/or servant leadership
  • Putting Yourself as the Top of Your To-Do List – leveraging self-care as a business strategy
  • Work/Life Integration over Work/Life Balance

To LISTEN and see the show notes to this Wealthy Wellthy Podcast Episode — CLICK HERE!

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