Monday Morning Commute: #211 Convenience is the Killer w/Udo Erasmus

My guest this week Udo Erasmus, a pioneer of the health and wellness industry having created FLAXSEED OIL and the Healthy Oils/Fats Movement, and oh so much more.

At a young age, Udo wanted to know how people could live in harmony, which led him to study science later in life with the desire of learning how “things” work. This then led him into biological sciences because he wanted to understand how “life and creatures” worked. That got him curious in psychology to see how “thinking and believing” works. And as a curiosity junkie, he finally studied medicine, to see how “health” works. “What I really needed to know — that took me 30 years — was I needed to know how “I” work.” — Udo E.

Udo is a unique story. He grew up in war which caused him to live much of his life in fear. He was a man who was scared and dissatisfied and always looking at the glass half full. He finally realized how annoyed with himself he was. He was fed up…with himself! He then realized that what he “hated” in the city was the same thing that he hated in the woods–  it was him! 

This was the point in his 20-something-year-old-life when he was introduced to the “Perfection Master”. The master that he stumbled across told Udo: “The peace you search for in the world is within you.” The master followed with this practice: ask yourself where your awareness is. Not your focus, your awareness. Your focus right now could be reading this blog, whereas your awareness is what’s going on outside your window. 

Teaching others how to live in Peace is one of Udo’s greatest passions.

“Our awareness is usually going outside– to deal with the environment. To bring it inside, and bring it deeper inside than my thoughts, and bring it into a place that exists in every human being, that is perfectly in peace, that cannot be un-peaced…that peace is always peaceful…”

Udo Erasmus

He further shared that this state of peace of mind is a place we can all live when we choose to. However, the first step is to train the mind to get there. Once that has been achieved (which is through training, just as riding a bike), then we can simply take our mind there when chaos erupts. 

With this being said, he is MUCH less easily startled with surprises than he was so many years ago. And, at the end of the day — he attributes this practice being the source of all of his huge business success. 

Udo is a thoughtful storyteller, you will want to listen in.

BTW– you’re going to laugh at what Udo’s secret weapon was to being comfortable in his own skin. Ha!

Udo’s Tips:

  1. Feel the heartache. Feel all of your deep emotions. Then only can you discover true peace.
  2. You cannot reconnect on the outside what is disconnected on the inside. There is an inner journey to wholeness.
  3. If you don’t get enough essential nutrients, your health decreases drastically. Keep whole foods around and on your plate. Best way to eat: fresh, whole, raw, organic, mostly plants. 
  4. A no-fat diet will kill you. A low-fat diet will kill you slower. 
  5. Flaxseed oil is the richest source of the Omega 3s. 
  6. Take time for stillness. Get more fully present.

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