Monday Morning Commute: Graduating From Prison

Does everything happen to you or for you? 

In an instant, everything could change for the better, or worse. In the unexpected turn for the worse situations, are you a victim of circumstance? Or, do you take your part of the responsibility, learn the lesson and turn that sour lemon into sweet lemonade? 

If we wish to be healthy and happy it requires full accountability and responsibility for our life. Every choice we’ve made has brought us to the exact place we sit right now.  No matter where we’ve been (good or bad) we’ve been the common denominator. This means — in almost all cases, we are the cause of the effect (outcome/situation) we are in at that moment.

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Part of ‘adulting’ is to own our life and quit hiding behind lies and excuses. When things get tough, it is easy to fold under pressure. It’s simple to point fingers and blame someone or something else for the situation we are in. But, I believe our soul knows when we are bullshitting ourselves, and others — and, as a result — it defeats our happy spirit. 

 Today’s episode is about taking full accountability and responsibility for a horrific situation. And you’ll hear love, grit, perseverance, and climbing one’s way to the top from the very bottom. In this case, prison! 

 In this conversation, Keir talks about the lessons he learned in prison. How difficult it was to re-emerge into society when no one would hire him. Nor, accept his application to return to college. It would have been easy for him to sink into more darkness and lead a self-destructive path. But, through his determination and passion for wanting a good life, he beat the odds and now has a thriving 7-figure business. Keir now leads an amazing life ‘clean and sober’ with a mission to help addicts kick the habit through a modern approach to recovery. 

You will love Keir’s zest for life and will appreciate his extraordinary accomplishments since graduating from a New York prison (yes–graduating. He says it was definitely a form of education!). 

 If you, or someone you love, have addiction issues — you’ll definitely wish to listen in! 

Keir Weimer is an expert in entrepreneurship, real estate, and the Live Free Lifestyle, having founded and successfully led multiple seven-figure companies in luxury real estate brokerage, hospitality development, investment, lifestyle show and brand, and education & information, training, and event enterprises. He is also a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, a certified high-performance coach, and a speaker. He has a passion for taking early-stage, novel ideas to market and growing teams, cultures, and businesses around them.

 We touch on many deep topics

  • How To Handle Tragedy
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Life in Prison
  • Grit
  • Mindsets
  • Addiction
  • LifeStyle Architecture

To LISTEN to this Wealthy Wellthy Podcast Episode — CLICK HERE!

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