Monday Morning Commute: How Much “Junk” Do You Value That Separates From Your Big Ambitions?

Have you ever thought about your goals and asked why you’ve deemed such goals as important? Perhaps they really are sustainable and will make you thrive. But shocking enough, they aren’t always so…

My guest, Erin Pheil, shares with us how some of our ‘goals’ are actually better labeled as ‘junk value’ because they don’t really hold much merit. In fact, they may be filling a void we feel from previous trauma, or even fear, at that.

Erin shares her heroic story and how she has overcome so much, including how deeply committed she is to ensuring you don’t spend years of your life, hundreds of hours, and a never-ending stream of money on traditional therapy or coaching — just to experience slow, incremental improvements.

To LISTEN and see the show notes to this Wealthy Wellthy Podcast Episode — CLICK HERE!

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