Coffee w/ Krisstina: February 22′ Edition


Here is this February’s edition of Coffee w/Krisstina (& Macy😉) Grab your cup of Java and listen in to the comings and goings of all things Wealthy Wellthy & the Wise Money School.

CwK is sharing my goals and reflections with you as we share this journey together. Here you go — the February’s Coffee w/Krisstina VLOG — co-hosted with Macy, my business partner (who happens to also be my lovely daughter).

We cover:

Memorable Happenings of January

Ski ski ski — Will I convince everyone to move here with me? 
Did somebody say quiz? — Take our new QUIZ here
Business off w/ a bang! — Graduated our CURBS Fall Class… and got some incredible feedback. What was it?

Exciting news
The first wealth-building class starts February 28th — will you take a seat?
We’re hosting something awesome — did somebody say, round table?
Macy just accomplished a HUGE milestone — at only 25! Hint: 🏡

My January AHA
How to be the chooser and not be chosen — in ALL relationships and in business

My Favorite Read 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _: The new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find – and keep – love. *listen in to get the title*

My Favorite Listen
I finally finished this series. What will I do now?

My Favorite Latest Podcast Episode: 
The healthy relationship lifestyle + being present in modern life John Howard

February Unchallenging Challenge 
IG Live every Friday! Will you be there? @krisstinawise

Put this video on 1.5x speed and come hang out with us. >>>

Please enjoy this episode of Coffee w/ Krisstina!

Next steps (If nothing else, do these 3 things!)

  • If you haven’t already, register to attend of Wealth Collective Round Table Discussion.
    • I’m brining 5 of my favorite wealth and business experts to you, in one virtual room. This will be a high level discussion on their distintive mindsets and powerful skillsets that have enabled them to build mutil-million dollar businesses and net worth.
  • Take our new quiz!
    • We have officially launched our quiz! There are 10 Top Questions Business Owner’s Can’t Answer – But need to be able to! How many can you answer?
    • Just for taking the quiz, I’m going to shoot you a BONUS… Here’s a hint: Out of the 10 questions, #9 & #10 are THE most important to be able to answer. The bonus will guide you on how to answer BOTH!

Helpful links referenced in this episode!

Favorite read: Attached by Amir Levine M.D. and Rachelle Heller. Grab it on Amazon here.

Favorite Latest Podcast Episode: The healthy relationship lifestyle + being present in modern life John Howard. Listen to it on the Wealthy Wellthy Podcast here.

Learn more about our Wise Money CURBS Program here. In just 90 days, you’ll have the answers and the system. The one that built my millions. The one that’s proven to do the same for you. It’s time to turn your 6-figure income into a 7-figure net worth.

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