Transformation: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

This is a word used in the personal development space quite often. The unwritten goal of going to a conference, buying a program and/or working with a Life Coach is to transform one’s self. 

But my question is: “do you really wish to transform?” I mean, really? Sounds like hard work. And, if the answer is yes — transform into what? How will you know you’ve transformed? 

By definition, to Transform means a “dramatic” change in form or appearance. Will you look different? Feel different? Act different? 

Most who have followed me for a long time know my love affair with real estate. I successfully sold real estate for over a decade (and still do occasionally). But, my love of real estate is not through the profession. It’s through the experience transformation. Of seeing potential and then transforming the property into the dream or vision. 

I’ve made millions in real estate. Yes. As an “investment.” But–much bigger and deeper than just “investing in real estate.” 

You see — I love buying something that is ugly. But. That which has great “potential.” Then, “manifesting” that potential through doing the work to make the property beautiful. Thereby improving the value — usually significantly. And, it’s the “transformation” which is where I make the money. In that difference between what was — to what it became. In the before and after. 

What is cool about real estate is that you can easily “see” the thorough and dramatic change in form and appearance. And, the ‘change’ can be quantified. You can see and calculate the additional worth immediately. 

Personal transformation may be a bit more difficult to “see” or “quantify.” I’m guessing the main reason is because we don’t really transform. We say we want change. We want different outcomes. But, the buck stops there. 

In real estate. I have to make the sizable investment first. Assuming I already own the property but wish to increase the value on the other side — I have to make the financial and time investment first — before I get any chance of a return on my investment. The increase in value (wealth) that comes at the end is ONLY possible because of the cash I invested in all of the pieces required to “improve” the property. 

And, it not only takes my money, the transformation project also takes my time to produce the desired outcome (more money!). It’s a process. And, that process takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. And, it doesn’t happen without some frustration and discomfort! But, it’s all worth it at the end. 

In 2020, I “transformed” two properties. One Business. And, one SELF (me!) 

Monroe Tree House. This remodel cost me just shy of $100,000. It definitely improved the property value by 2x. But, I don’t plan to sell this property anytime soon so I won’t realize that gain in the near future. But, immediately — it enabled me to double the rent on the property. And, I get to enjoy it in between AirBNB guests.  

Expo House. This remodel cost me just shy of $15,000. It improved the property value by about $30,000 — making me $15K in a few months. This property is for sale. It’s an exceptional AirBNB property and is currently full through January. So, an owner/investor would be a perfect fit :). 

 Wealthy Wellthy. Covid required me to do a huge pivot. But — talk about a silver lining. The ‘transformation’ includes an entire new business model called Sovereignty Academy and The Campus. If you haven’t seen these transformative additions — take a look! We now offer so much more value.

Krisstina. I can’t even begin to describe the transformation in me that’s happened since the beginning of the year. I almost don’t recognize myself from a year ago. I can say with full certainty that I am a new and improved version of KW. I’ve been intent upon doing my work, being uncomfortable and breaking through mindsets and limiting behaviors that had me stuck. 2021 Here I come! 

5. And — the upcoming transformation project. I just bought a home in Park City, Ut. It has no idea I’m about to arrive with my hammer in tow. Pics to come. 

Please tell me your transformation(s) in 2020! 

And, if you are finally ready to transform your relationship with Money and get on track to build wealth and financial sovereignty in the new year — schedule a call with me. Let’s chat!


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  1. Wow Park City that sounds amazing!! Can’t wait to see the space you got and transformation unfold! Amazing job on the Expo property! Hoping for a quick sale for you 🙂

  2. In truth, we are always transforming…some are larger than others. In fact, if we are not transforming we are dying. I truly believe that. Learning and growing is a life-long process. We never arrive. Your endeavors are inspiring and your teaching others is encouraging. I’m 100% in. My transformation in finances is beginning today. That will lead, I’m sure, to transformation in many other areas of my life. Let’s do this….

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