Lies About Money That Are Robbing Your Life

It’s your money or your life. Because you can’t have both right? These are the money lies you’ve been told that are robbing you of your life. And maybe you feel it… the social pressure to work harder for success – at any cost. Do you feel overwhelmed? Or just plain exhausted? The pressure is real, and you’re not alone. We live in a culture where we are inundated with media messages that indoctrinate us with the message that we need more, we can have more, and if we just work harder than anyone else, we’ll get it. The pressure to perform, to go out of balance, to be extreme and to both feed and voice our ego in the process for the goals of accomplishment, accolades, money, status, and acknowledgment is an insatiable beast. One that is never fully satisfied. One that never rests. So the idea is that if you just work harder, longer, faster, and better than everyone else, you will achieve everything your heart desires – or what it has been told to desire. And the lies behind that are that if you want real wealth, you have to sacrifice your health. Or vice versa… but that you can’t have it all. I talk about this a lot in my live events – and share with you the two truths that will save both your health and your wealth so that you can have it all. Check out this video clip from my Wealthy Wellthy Live training… There is no substitute for hard work and good work ethic – this is true. But the messages forced down our throats right now are promoting a lifestyle that is the biggest hamster wheel ever created. One that goes at lightening speed and has no brakes. You might even reach the level of financial success you hope for in this way. I know I did. But there’s a cost. One that’s hidden and that we can ignore initially. But the pace of this life that we exchange for material success has a price tag that could ultimately kill you. At the very least it will make you sick. If not physically, then emotionally or mentally, or in your relationships. This life will rob Peter to pay Paul in one way or another. What you’re told to chase in this culture of “more”, is a fantasy. The reality is… you can have more – if you take less in other areas. The paradox always exists. That to have wealth you must sacrifice health. Or to have health you must sacrifice wealth. The entire WealthyWellthy and Sovereignty Academy platform is about introducing you to sustainable living and a new way of designing your life where you can have both – without sacrifice. I often get asked why I created WealthyWellthy x Sovereignty Academy and the health and wealth programs within it. The truth is… I had already lived out my rags to riches journey – more than once. And my sickness to health one too. I didn’t need to create another company to make money – because I had created enough for me and could have enjoyed my own custom version of “retirement”. The reason I created this brand was because I didn’t want everyone I knew to have to suffer through financial and health crises to find their good life. Because of what I went through, I was moved to create programs that I knew worked so that everyone else could have a shortcut. To benefit from the painful experiences of my life in hopes that they didn’t have to suffer the same in theirs. This is why WealthyWellthy and Sovereignty Academy is my life’s work. To transform my struggle into something that can help others. It’s not about the money. It’s no longer about ego. When my life was stripped down to bankruptcy and a lack of physical health and mental stability, I was able to see what was really important. Here are those truths….

1. Wealth is nothing without health.

You can work your ass off and brag about your 80 hour a week work weeks, your Ironman times, your net worth, and all the luxuries you have accumulated. All of these that have come from hard work and self discipline are great. But they won’t impress the right people. And they won’t secure your longevity or vitality. If in the pursuit of those achievements, which are worthy of celebration, you have found yourself with no time for your primary relationship – or any relationships at all… with symptoms of stress overload (like headaches, fatigue, insomnia, or more), and without the time to savor what you’ve created… then you’re still missing out on success. Success is when you have created a life of meaning and purpose along with financial abundance, peace of mind, and healthy relationships. Your wealth is only one measurement of success. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ve grown as a person, or that you’re adding value to the world. And it has zero significance in terms of loving others and giving of yourself. It might not even serve what you’re truly passionate about and the things you desire most in life. Wealth can disconnect you from other things that really matter to you – and people. But it’ll often show up in your health – first in subtle ways and then in more profound ways. You have to start looking at your life strategically. Create meaning through your success and your money. Focus on experience, not stuff. In my Money Mastery Program, CURBS™, I take you through a process of separating meaningful expenses from meaningless expenses so that you’re moving your money with intention and purpose. In my podcasts and live events, I bring you leading experts on health to give you the tools to create a life of wealth, that includes your health. You can have one without the other, but you can’t fully enjoy either if you’re aren’t prioritizing both equally. vitaly 145502 e1509324453877

2. You can’t achieve optimal health without wealth.

This is where I always say – money matters more than anything. And what I mean by that is that without enough money you can’t live your healthiest life. For one thing, when you have constant money stress, you’re living in a chronic state of anxiety. Money becomes a negative cloud that overshadows everything you do. Your work becomes only about making enough money. Your daily choices for leisure and lifestyle become limited by whether or not you can afford them. Your life becomes about just breaking even and getting from one paycheck to the next. This isn’t living. It’s unhealthy and the chronic stress that comes with it is toxic – to our bodies, our minds, and our relationships. It makes money the focal point of all things and not in a good way. It creates a dysfunctional relationship with money that can work against you having the right money philosophy and mindset to use money as the positive force it was designed to be. Money, when it’s in the right flow of energy for your life, creates opportunity. It creates stability and security – not just for this moment, but for your future. It allows for experiences and adventure and not just paying the bills or eking out your last dollar. And when your spending is under control (which you’ll learn through my CURBS system), you’ll see that you can create a surplus for which to fund your future dreams but also easily manage unexpected expenses and emergencies that come up. This isn’t more important than in your health. Our healthcare system doesn’t fund future health and longevity. And in acute health crises, it can drain everything you’ve got – let alone anything chronic. It can put you in immediate stress and overwhelm. One of the reasons I created my signature money system and travel around the country teaching about money is because this happened to me. And in my recovery, that took $250,000 out of pocket to save my life, I realized the power of money for health. And might not be here today if I hadn’t had this system in place in advance to be able to fund the full health recovery that I required. I rebuilt wealth because I had my health. And I rebuilt my health, because I had implemented this system for wealth. The reality is – that if you follow the crowd and old money systems – you won’t be able to truly have it all. You’ll end up sacrificing health for wealth or wealth for health and live in a precarious balance of waiting for one or the other to crash. There is no peace of mind there. The peace of mind comes from taking modern wealth systems, unconventional health advances, and bringing them together to create the life that you, not anyone else, designs for your life. This is how you find freedom in all areas of your life. This is what I have worked hard to do in my life, and why I share what I share with you – in hopes that along the way you can benefit. One money tip, and one health tip, at a time. I’m here for you to be on this journey with me. Not as a short term gimmick or checking out the latest ‘deal’… but to invest in these concepts and truths about money and health that I believe can save your life. And in the middle that, let’s build a community to share this with and do this together. Make sure to check out information on my next Wealthy Wellthy Live event. Tickets go on sale soon for this 3-day Mastermind event where the best of wealth and health come together in this intimate setting, at my personal residence, for you (and your partner) to learn how to create your best life. Do you have an audience that would benefit from some money talk? Come say hi at my upcoming events or make a request for me to come to yours… I’m taking it on the road this next year! If you prefer to learn at your own pace – in the privacy of your own home though… my money courses are always available (including payment plans) here…

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